Purpose & Passion

In our last post we asked the question.... The beginning of what? Well the answer is the beginning of man, creation and life itself. So where do we find this precious knowledge? The only place to find this knowledge is in the greatest book ever written where the author (The Holy Spirit) is always present .. The Bible. In Genesis 1 it tells of God also The King who had so much love in Him that He decided to make mini kings (yes we are all kings). That is why He is called the KING of kings. He made certain that He created all the resources first so we would be able to enjoy them, like the earth, the sun, the moon, the plants and trees, the rivers and lakes, the animals, gold and silver. And then finally in Genesis1:26 He made man in His image and likeness so we may rule(having dominion and authority) over everything else He created.Yes He gave us rulership over this planet (Psalms 115:16).  Image and likeness sounds very personal and special. It is. What is image and likeness? We will explain in the next post.

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