Purpose & Passion

When a manufacturer makes a product, a manual always accompanies that product. The manual is there for us to read, to find out the way the product works, what is the purpose of the product and the do's and dont's of using the product. Whenever a product is purchased and the package is open the manual is the fist thing you see before the product. Many of us as God's product are walking around without a clue of what to do with our life. The Manufacturer (God) has given us His Manual (Bible) for us to know the answers to life's five (5) questions, (1)Who am I?-IDENTITY, (2) Where am I from? -SOURCE, (3) Why am I here?-PURPOSE, (4)What can I do?-POTENTIAL and last (5) Where am I going?-DESTINATION. The answers are found in the Manual, a book written with Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. READ IT.

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