Purpose & Passion

God plans. He is the ultimate planner. He knew Adam would have taken satan's bait that is why a plan was set in place to restore mankind to their original self. You see when Adam disobeyed God sin entered the world and because sin entered the world God's Presence(The Holy Spirit) that walked and talked with Adam could no longer dwell among man. The Holy Spirit made man perfect, Adam was perfect. He was righteous and managing God's creation (purpose). He was functioning in God's image and likeness. Adam fell from authority and dominion over what had been given to him (only through God's Spirit we have power & authority). What was said before a plan was already in place. Throughout the old testament we see God requiring sacrifices (blood of animals) to cover the sins of man, still this sacrificial system could not allow man to return to his original self. Man was still unclean. There had to be a perfect sacrifice that would make man holy again, righteous and perfect in God's sight. Throughout the old testament God was preparing and announcing that Perfect Sacrifice.

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