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In the last post I told you we will discuss the comparison of the prodigal son and what God is saying now. In the beginning of the story the younger son told his father he wanted his share of the estate (inheritance). He no longer wanted to be under his father's guidance, we could say he claimed his independence from daddy's home. It is the same in the beginning(Genesis) when Adam was in the garden, he was in God's presence....that was what Eden was. Adam was home under God's protection and guidance. But just like the prodigal son claiming his independence, so did Adam when he rebelled against God. This took place when he and Eve ate from the forbidden tree. For this Adam was put out the garden(God's presence-The Holy Spirit), he was left to care for himself and since then mankind has been separated from his original home. The best part of the story is God made a way for us to return home just like the son, but we have to come to our senses. We have to realize we can not do anything on our own. We need our Source to guide us, protect us, provide for us as a loving and caring father would for his children. Notice the father did not went looking for him, he was still home waiting and hoping his son would return. I believe the father knew if he went looking for him he would not come home. He had to come to his senses, a realization that he is missed and being away from home he is nothing. God is waiting for us to come to our senses and return home. He already provided The Way (Jesus) through faith, its that easy. Just like the father when he welcomed his son home, he put a robe , a ring and sandals on his feet, the father dressed him like family. God has your crown waiting for you. Your Father is a King so that makes you Royalty. The prodigal confessed what he did was wrong and thought he was no longer worthy. Instead the father did not question him or rebuked him but he had compassion on him. It is the same with your Heavenly Father, He has so much love and compassion that he is waiting for you to come home to Him so He can throw His arms around you and say to you 'My son and daughter that was lost, is now found, who was dead is alive'. Get your Royalty Tee on the website . Available in all sizes and different colors.

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