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Hey Royals, now that i have explained the story of the prodigal son, comparing it to Kingdom Principles of knowing who you are in God, what He says about you now and how you can begin the journey of discovering Him by coming home. I hope you, the one reading this...yes you... are already home. That you know your Father and you already have a relationship with Him. If not, it is pretty easy, It just take two steps, oh yeah only TWO. One faith (believing) and two, confessing(speaking it). That is how the Kingdom works, Believe and then Speak. The mind of the King says in Romans 10:9 If you declare (speak) with your mouth Jesus is Lord and believe (faith) in your heart (mind) that God raised Him from the dead you will be saved. Jesus did all the hard work for us already by dying on the cross and taking our sins with Him and becoming the Way to the Father our King . When we live a life outside of our Source we feel out of place, this dissatisfaction we sense deep down is actually a longing for God that we are a part of Him, we are yearning to be home with Him. It just take a step of faith. Let us not see the visible but envision the invisible. Faith Tshirt now available on the website.

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    Great explanation

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