Purpose, Passion & Potential

So now we have fulfilled all our purpose questions, Who am I?, Where am I from?, Why am I here?, What can I do? and finally Where am I going?. Your next step is to start putting actions into those dreams, visions and goals if you haven't started yet. Inside of you are those potential for you to maximize. They are buried and capped by family members, teachers,culture and society. Lets say God wants you to operate at 180mph and you are only going 50mph, thats dormant. You got to uncap that well and begin to operate at the maximum speed, its already in you, since you were conceived. Do not settle for the mediocre but aim for excellence. Look at the creation around you, the sky, the hills, the mountains, the seas, the stars, the galaxy.... WOW! Do you believe the same Creator who created them also created you. Yes He did. Creation is doing what they were created to do. The fish swims, the birds flies,  the tree bears fruit in their season, the mountains stand tall and the sea makes room for all the sea creatures, so what about YOU? He told us in the Great Book how important we are 1. We are made in His image and likeness-Genesis 1:26, 2. We are fearfully and wonderfully made-Psalms 139:14, 3. We are His masterpiece-Ephesians 2:10, 4. We are valued more than the rest of creation-Matthew 6:26 and there are many more scriptures. What are you waiting for? Go ahead do what lies way down deep inside of you. He's waiting for you to start your plan book, no need for you to write it, its already written. He already knows what is  in your mind so He will direct your steps-Psalms 16:9. You can do it, just believe all things are possible with Him (only Him).

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