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Last week we talked about GRACE, oh so Amazing Grace. I love grace, what about you? I hope you do too. I pray you have been looking for her as I do daily. When you do find her then and only then you are able to give thanks no matter the circumstances. Grace and thanksgiving are principles in the Kingdom that citizens of the Kingdom lives by-its a part of how we roll, our lifestyle. Lets discuss THANKSGIVING, what is it, how often should we do it, when should we should we do it and how should we do it . The definition of thanksgiving is responding to God's grace and goodness with gratitude. How do you respond to someone who has been helpful to you or gave you something you really needed? You are going to find the best way to show your appreciation for what they have done, whether in words or deeds. The point here is that you want them to know that you see what they have done for you. So it is the same way we are required o show God our gratitude for what He has done or said. Psalm 136 is a thankful poem written by one of the greatest king, King David who troubles were never far from. He was always thankful to God for saving and rescuing him from his enemies. The first verse says' O give Thanks to the Lord for He is good'. Now that is a reason to say thanks. How is He good, well its up to you, think about your experiences with His goodness. For me I thank Him for waking me up this morning, I am still breathing, alive and well. I am provided for today because He said do not worry about tomorrow. I got shoes on my feet, a roof over my head and the list goes on and on. The way to have a grateful heart/mind is to see what you have and not what you do NOT have. Make a list of 10 things you can be thankful for today, you might find yourself going past 10. If you do just keep going. Remember God loves when you are thankful, He said it is His will (1Thessalonians 5:16-18) .


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