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So why is it important to give THANKS to God? ........Exactly you said it, because He is Good. Giving thanks also brings us in a place of worship and praise to the Most High, the Creator of everything, and you know what it says "when the praises goes up the blessings comes down". What thanksgiving also does it lets us realized that we can do nothing of our own and recognizing Him as our only Source. We become dependent on Him for everything and trust me He loves and enjoy being our Source. That is how He gets His Glory and of course He deserves it, doesn't He?..... Yes He does. Giving thanks is for our own good too. We have a sense of peace and joy knowing that we are provided for in every way everyday (No Worries Here- Read Matthew 6:26-34). You become content as Paul explained it in Philipians 4:11-13. I believe in my own way the more we are thankful to God, even in the smallest  tiniest thing, He stretches out His hands with bigger and more. Have a thankful heart today and see what He does.


  • Minister Straker

    A very colorful and insightful piece of writing, the wording in this exertion paints our relationship with our heavenly father as one everyone can appreciate. Blessings.

  • Tashana Monteque

    In all things give God thanks.

  • Leisha Livingston

    Well said

  • Sharon Hunnighan

    Thanksgiving is one of the principles of the Kingdom of God. Be thankful in everything.

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