Purpose, Passion & Potential

Happy New Year Y'all.... God has given us another year in the land of the living despite what is going around us, just remember that GOD is in CONTROL not the enemy. What new resolution have you set for the new year? I pray you will see the completion of it.....I mean from start to finish. It is like what God said in Philippians 1:6 'being confident of this, that He who began (start) a good work(your purpose, plans, assignments) in you will carry it on to completion(finish) until the day of Christ Jesus'. So what God has started in our lives, that good work...He will never stop until Christ returns, He is that committed...Are You? So if He won't stop we shouldn't either. I pray whatever you started you will ask the Holy Spirit to help you reach the completion of it. We all have visions and goals at the start of a new year and that's good, it means you are re-evaluating your life.. whether it be in health, relationships, financial, career, education etc. My advice is let God be a part of that vision and goal, put Him right there in the center.Trust me it will not work without Him. We were built to depend on Him. Just as fish need water to live, people need God. He is a PRIORITY not an alternative to guide us in every area of our lives. So write the visions and goals down but include Him in it, its not too late . Next week we will discuss how to include Him for the new year.


  • Tashana Monteque

    Thank God for another year of life to draw closer to him. To seek God and His kingdom first.

  • Sharon

    Yes!! Indeed!!! God is our top priority we cannot do anything without Him!!! Amen 🙏🏽

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