Purpose, Passion & Potential

We are picking up from our last question 'Why am I here?', the reason for your existence. There are five (5) basic keys and we discussed the first two (2). One, you are here to express God's image because He is your Creator and two to have and enjoy fellowship with Him because he wants a relationship (a bond) with His creation. If you did not read my last post I suggest you do. The next reason why we are here is to dominate the earth. Some of my previous posts explained what it means to dominate. Anything that is said more than once is very important. Genesis 1:26 talks about us ruling and governing this planet. Dominating the resources God created (trees, plants, animals, gold, mines, oil etc). We are supposed to take the natural resources and reproduce them with our skills, gifts, talents and abilities, using them to glorify God. but we have allowed these things to dominate us instead. We have turned paper that is made from trees into money which is good, but we allowed it to let us steal, bribe and be greedy. Another example is grapes, which is used to make wine, but we have allowed it to bring us to the point of becoming drunk. This was not God' s intention for mankind. Every problem that we are experiencing is the result of not fulfilling our purpose to dominate the earth. Psalms 8:6 says 'You (God) have made him(us) to have dominion (rulership) over the works (creation) of your hands; You (God) have put all things under his feet'. If you have not begin that journey to find your purpose... I suggest you do. You were born with a PURPOSE.

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