Purpose, Passion & Potential

Our last key of Why Am I Here? is to reproduce ourselves, our fourth key says to bear fruit and when we bear fruit it has to reproduce itself. Many of us use Genesis 1:28 as just bearing children but it goes further and deeper than that. When we bear fruits we can influence others through our skills,gifts and talents. We multiply ourselves by producing disciples in the kingdom. As the great commission says in Matthew 28:19 'Go and make disciples of all nations'. Paul says follow me as I follow Christ... Jesus said I do what I see my Father do and say what my Father says. This is influence, producing oneself. The effect of your presence in people's life can bring about encouragement or discouragement, negative or positive, degrading or up building. You choose today how will you reproduce.

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  • Leisha Livingston

    Most people use this scripture to ony focus on the reproductive system but this scripture goes beyond that. It’s through our impact and influence has Kingdom citizen we multiple in God’s Kingdom

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