Purpose, Passion & Potential

In conclusion to our purpose question 'Where Am I Going'?, lets consider the fact that a journey is a slow on going process . As the great book says the race is not for the swift but for those who endures to the end. See the word endure, means we have to go through some things to endure it right? A journey consist of storms, waves and calm, a mixture of good season and bad season to reach to the end we have to persevere, keep going, don't stop. Remember a storm only last for a while. God wants us to trust Him during the storms and find rest just as Jesus was sleeping while a storm was tossing the boat back and forth(read Matthew 8:23-27). Jesus was on His way to the other side on His journey to fulfill His purpose of healing a demon possess man and on His way a storm arise. Jesus did not allow a storm to hinder His rest but when He was awoken by His disciples He spoke to the storm, His current situation that tried to stop Him from reaching His destination and said "Peace Be Still". During our journey to our destination lets learn to KEEP CALM during  those storms and obstacles.


  • Michelle

    Praise be to God. I have been weathering a storm.

  • Tashana Monteque

    That’s right. His places designated moments to help us towards our purpose.

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