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How are you guys doing this week? Writing this blog with sadness in my heart because of what has taken place over the last few days, especially the tragic incident of those babies in Texas..this is proof that the enemy, the devil means us as humans no good. As the scripture says his agenda, his assignment is to kill, steal and destroy (John 10:10). The devil is doing his job and he does it well. It is so heartbreaking that he would seek babies to destroy, this shows how wicked and brutal he is even to the innocent ones. Many have questions this morning and I know the main one is "why would God allow something like this to happen?' Well if you do not read His Word and have a relationship with Him you would not know the answer to that question. I do not know all and no one can know all because God is vast, He is unlimited, He is infinite and He is beyond understanding. God is not a regular person, He is Supreme and different in every way. Just as there is scientific, cultural, social and civil laws that govern humanity, God is King and He has laws that he puts in place to govern mankind since the beginning...but He gave us a will (choice) to either to obey them or not. Just like a driver approaching a red light, even though it is red, that driver still has the choice to stop or continue and if disobey there are consequences to that action of breaking that law. In science there is the law of gravity.....what goes up must come down...its just automatic. The point I'm trying to make is God the King gives us the chance to be protected by Him, provided for by Him, He will fight for us and this one we all love, receiving blessings and favor from Him but there rules and laws to obey to get these benefits and yes these are benefits from God. When a child misbehaves and do not obey his parents, the parents will take away privileges from the child until the he or she learns to obey. It is the same with God. The main requirement to get all these benefits mention before is to put God first in your life (Matthew 6:33), put away evil and seek what is right. God is Holy people and if you reject Him He can't do anything about you being protected and provided for because you claim independence when you rejected Him, meaning you have decided to protect yourself from men (natural) and the enemy(supernatural) and provide all life necessities by yourself. When people live this way they do not realize this type of rebellious behavior passes on to their children and children's children. And because we claim independence from God our children are wide open to the enemies' attack. So God did not allow the enemy to kill those children but because of decision parents make . This is why we must be careful of the life we live because it passes down to the next generation. Those that are saved must continue to pray for your children daily and put them in God's hand. The enemy is doing his job well, seek to do yours as well too by submitting to God and resisting the devil, and God says when we do that he will flee (James 4:7).

God is not an alternative but a PRIORITY Tee is available in ladies and the link below.


  • Sharon

    Great words ….When we are not walking or living according to the will of God anything is possible. I am saddened for the parents and families who lost their loved ones. If they are not yet saved I hope this will draw them close to God who is their source and protector.

  • Leisha Livingston

    Good article We need to put God first. I don’t know the status of these parents are they save or unsave. I do know that without God we are living a very risky life.

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