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We are in a new month, thank God for that. If you are reading this He has spared you to see today and a new month. June marks the start of summer, a new season. I know some of you are entering a new season of life but that's long as yo have the Holy Spirit and keep focus on Him you have nothing to worry about. One of the ways to not worry is to have community, not just any community but a godly one. We discussed 2 weeks ago that it is very important to have community because God gave us friends. When we go out to eat, we just don't eat anywhere...we look at the inside of the restaurant, the outside, some goes as far as to look at reviews of what others say about their experiences there and even the grading point issue by health inspectors. Choosing friends is similar, you have the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you. One way to choose good friends is to make sure you share the same beliefs... the Bible says two can't walk unless they agree (Amos 3:3). Agreeing on the same walk of faith is essential to any friendship. This is how the community grows spiritually. You may have differences within the faith but its one God, one faith, one baptism (Ephesians 4:5). Another way is making sure to honor each other despite the differences. We have different individual goals and therefore we have to respect and honor each person's way of going about it the godly way. Every person destiny is different so we cannot dictate to each other how to go about it individually, that is up to God. We can advice them the right way (godly) but not a specific way. For example my friend started dating a guy and she mentions he is not a christian (born again), my responsibility is to tell her she cannot be unequally yoked and what light has to do with darkness (2Corinthians 6:14) but I can't tell her who to choose if he is a christian. The Holy Spirit will guide her in that part. We all have to learn to listen and depend on the Holy Spirit for personal directions and intimate decisions (John 10). I hope these two pointers will help in choosing or evaluating your community.

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  • Sharon

    Godly community is very important. It can help guide you in the right path. I thank God that I have a godly inner circle. We encourage each other in the Lord.

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