The Message Behind The Tee


My Kingdom friends, happy Friday. Its good to be writing to you one more time about our King and His Kingdom. We said before that our God is a King and still rules and reigns and that He has a Kingdom where He rules from which is an actual country called the Kingdom of Heaven. In an earthly kingdom the king takes care of his citizens, also in the spiritual Kingdom which is more real and permanent (2 Corinthians 4:18), our King takes care of His citizens, the ones He calls children of God. Matthew 6:33 says to "Seek first His Kingdom (lifestyle & culture) and His Righteousness(being in right standing with Him) and all things will be added", this verse is basically saying seek the unseen things of God (spiritual) and you will get the seen things (material & physical). That's His Words people....this King has to have priority in your life or you will not receive the benefits of the Kingdom. In The Kingdom of God, God's children who are actually citizens of the home country of heaven (this happens when we are born again), we begin to represent the Kingdom of Heaven through the embassy (the church). An embassy is a location in a foreign land where the laws and regulations of the homeland apply. We are called Ambassadors (2 Corinthians 5:20), an ambassador is someone who is from a far away home country (Heaven) , lives in a foreign land to teach the people the customs and lifestyle of the home country in order for people to become like them (citizens of Heaven). It is like recruiting, offering the lifestyle and benefits of that country is about in order to be a part of that country. Wheeew, wow that is a lot of info... well I hope you learned something today, I sure did. God is calling all of us to be His Ambassadors (Citizens of Heaven representing Him on earth). Will you take up that job offer?

"He said... I am Royalty, Chosen, God's Child & Ambassador of the Kingdom Tee" is available in Men and Ladies, please click link below.

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