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Hey guys, hope you all started seeking more wisdom. Wisdom seeking  season y'all, get some.....not the earthly wisdom that comes from men but spiritual wisdom that comes from God. The Source that has this great wisdom is the same that created the whole universe (Proverbs 3:19, Jeremiah 10:12 & 51:15). So if we look around and see how everything is in its right place, nothing out of order, the sea cannot pass its border and no star falls from the sky unless He ordains it, Why not get wisdom from Him. No matter how educated we think we are, without Him we are as dumb as a sheep ..that is why He called us sheep (get it, you thought it was a cute name), don't know where we are headed and this is why we need Him because He is the Shepherd. First step in getting wisdom is fearing Him ( Proverbs 9:10 ), acknowledging that He is God and having reverence for Him. The first step leads to the next step, seeking a relationship with Him, not just any relationship but an intimate one, delighting yourself in Him ( Psalm 37:4) meaning to greatly please Him. Then the second step leads to the third step, complete surrender to do His will (Romans 12:2), admitting that you don't know anything , you are completely clueless and you need Him to guide you. You are dependent on Him, He's the air you breathe and the reason you get up in the mornings (sounds like a love song...doesn't it?), but yes seeking to be hopeful (not hopeless as the world) in love with Him, and when you do, you will commit to being obedient to Him. You will want to do His will and desire for your life then His Spirit that lives in you will give you the mind of Christ where all wisdom lies (1 Corinthians 2:1-16).

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  • Sharon

    Wisdom is the first thing we seek. Having wisdom gives us the ability to obey God and do his will.

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