The Message Behind The Tee


Last time we were here we talked about the season of spring and how I love this time of the year. Also that God in His awesomeness also gave us seasons which is outside of eternity. There are times we go through seasons of disappointment, sadness and the one God promised that we will all go through trials and tribulation. Don't we wish that we could always be happy, yep...but because of sin even happiness has a season. In writing this blog, the Holy Spirit gave me 4 seasons in a christian life, and just as we are in spring right now, one of these seasons we may also be experiencing.... The Holy Spirit compared these seasons with the flying of an airplane, 1. The season of 'Taking Off', 2. Season of 'The Turbulence', 3. Season of Altitude' and 4. 'The season of Destination'...... First we go through the 'Taking Off' season, the runway ...knowing of going somewhere, this is where we begin to experience the heart wrenching, oh my goodness what did i do, how did i get on this plane .... many people do not like this part....but keeping in mind there is a destination waiting on you. For me  this is the hardest part because so many things can happen during a take off. You just don't know. Last night you were sleeping peacefully in your bed now I'm on a plane speeding down the runway. This is the part you know that something is not right, this is where the trials begin. 1 Peter 4:12-13 says 'Think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened to you. But rejoice..... When the 'Taking Off' season come don't be surprised (He prepared us) but how should we react? 'Rejoice' be happy. That is why some people may get a thrill or be excited with the 'Take Off' because they know where they are headed, the destination. Enough said, see you next week where we discuss the other seasons.

Let me know in the comment section if you are experiencing 'The Take Off' season. Don't be shy now, no judgements here.


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  • Leisha Livingston

    I like the analogy of the airplane. I don’t like take-off or landing. I do enjoy my destination lol.

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