The Message Behind The Tee


  I promised last week to give you my presentation about mental health issues. Please note I am not a doctor by world standards but I do know Bible, wisdom and knowledge that comes from God. First of all please note that when the Bible talks about the heart, in Hebrew it means the mind, for example Matthew 12:34 and this is Jesus speaking 'For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of' and Proverbs 23:7 also says 'For as a man thinketh in his heart so is he'. When the Bible mentions the heart it is actually referring to the mind. The mind is where everything is collected, stored and then actions flow from it. What you allow to be put in your mind will determine your actions later. The heart AKA the mind is the control tower of both the physical and spiritual being of man. That was lesson one (1). Now to control how a person thinks and what he thinks, the mind has to be fed information, whether it be good or bad and that information pours out from our month (previous verse Matthew 12:34) and how we behaves(see previous verse Proverbs 23:7). He does what his mind was fed on. Where do we get the information that feeds the mind, the good stuff? Hope you were right, the Word, the Word is our spiritual food, for our mind- David puts it like this 'How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth! Psalms 119:97-104, Yummy. Next question where do we get the information that feeds the mind the bad stuff? If you said the world, ding ding you are right, and we know the ruler of this world is no other than the deceiver himself our enemy, Satan. Bad information comes from the world's view of things. I know what you are thinking, what does this have to do with mental health issues. Well mental health is our emotional, psychological and social well being, it affects how we think, feel and act(definition taken from google). Please note think and act, this goes back to our previous scriptures .Oohhh this is getting good but we will continue next week.

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