The Message Behind The Tee


Blessings one and all. It's back to school time, children who have already gone in the last two weeks and some will start in the upcoming week. I pray God's blessings and protection on all our kids as they enter a system that is govern by principalities and powers. My daughter said to me a few days ago "Mommy do I have to go school, I am already smart"?  I was taken back with her comment but realistically that is how some of us think. We already know a lot ,we know enough. My daughter is very smart, been on the honor roll since kindergarten but there is a vast of knowledge still out there for her to learn. Even in our spiritual walk with God many feel that because they are Christians for 20, 30 years they know enough, but not so. When you come in contact with God and have a real relationship with, God blows your mind with revelation and insight that an ordinary man cannot comprehend. Our God takes pride in knowledge  and wisdom. In His Word He talks about them often, Proverbs is a book about that. The only difference is that God does not work with earthly knowledge and wisdom. God's knowledge and wisdom never makes sense, beyond human understanding, this is why we need the Holy Spirit in our life to understand the things of God. Knowledge is information gathered but we need to apply it in its respective place and that application is called wisdom. Take sometime to read James 3:13-18 that talks about worldly (earthly) wisdom and Godly wisdom. James contrast between both are worldly wisdom self promotes, Godly wisdom elevates others. Worldly wisdom seeks the highest place, Godly wisdom seeks the lowest place. worldly wisdom avoids the mirror of the Word, Godly wisdom submits to the mirror of the Word. That is why the Word also says not to lean on your own understanding, because God compares us to sheep and sheep are the dumbest animals, they cannot survive without a shepherd...hint hint, that is why Christ is our Shepherd. let us never stop seeking for more knowledge of God in order for the Holy Spirit to give us the understanding and the wisdom to apply it. I will leave you with 2 Peter 1:3 "His (God's) Divine Power (Holy Spirit) has given us everything we need for a Godly life (fruit of the Spirit) through our knowledge of Him (Jesus Christ) who called us by His own glory and goodness.

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