The Message Behind The Tee


What's up Kingdomites, another day and another reason to say thanks. Thank you God for everything. If we were supposed to list all God has done the list would be verrrrryyy long but thank God for a word called 'everything' that covers the list even when we forget something on the list. On that note, forgetting is something that a Child of God cannot risk doing. Forgetting will cause us to sin. A perfect example of this is the children of Israel who after seeing God's amazing wondrous works of His Hands, where they cross over the red sea after leaving slavery behind in Egypt, forget what He had done for them which caused them to sin and rebel against the the only one who could have delivered them from their cry (Exodus 14-17) How many times God warns us in His Word ( Deuteronomy 4:9&23, Deuteronomy 6:10-12, Deuteronomy 8:10-14   ) " Do Not Forget". When God says " Do Not Forget", it is a command and when you choose not to obey that command it becomes a sin , rebellion against the Higher Power. Let us not get spiritual amnesia where we forget our experiences with God because its our experiences with God that we know Him.


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