The Message Behind The Tee


   Hey guys, how is everyone doing? For me God is always good because He never changes( Hebrews 13:8, Malachi 3:6 ) even if circumstances do, despite the test and trials we have to go through. Its through those test and trials we get to know Him. Only God can think of ideas like that. Well my point is one of the things a child of God should always be doing is seeking, asking and knocking ( Matthew 7:7). God want us to take the first step in our relationship between us and Him. Remember He already knows you, He has a book written about you (Romans 8:29), He knew you since you were formed in your mother's  womb (Jeremiah 1:5) and He knows your inner thoughts ( Psalms 139 ). So in this relationship we are the ones that have to do our homework on God. Read His Word with the help of the Holy Spirit to find out His experiences with others such as prophets, kings and sinners, and us as we go through our circumstances we get to see who He is personally to us. Now do not get comfortable with thinking you know how He works each time because each time is different. God can throw a surprise party for you and blow your mind but you definitely can't throw one for Him. He already knows what is going to happen today, tomorrow and to infinity. My meditation word He has given to me is 'KNOWING' and during giving me that word someone told me 'Knowing Creates Worship'. That was something to think about. How can we know God? Next week it is.

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