The Message Behind The Tee


Do you ever thought about how much do you know about God? There is a difference between knowing of Him and Knowing Him. Is it enough to get you through the day, when someone rubes you the wrong way and you're believing for the Creator just to have your back right then and there or you may be thinking what does He wants me to do in this situation... this list goes on and on but yes, most of us do think like that and ask these questions. But it boils down to 'Knowing God' (my mother always says "Know God for yourself'). Our second step in 'Knowing Him' is through our experiences. Our experiences allows us to see how He communicates with us, what He says, how He brings forth the communication (He changes it up sometimes) and it depends on how you ask Him to communicate to you. For example, I love confirmations times three(3), meaning if I believe God wants me to do something I told Him from the beginning of our relationship, I am like Gideon's sister (Judges 6 ), I need to know its you ,so show me 3 times, and He has never disappoint in that area. There are times I will move on one telling and there are other times when its a big move like a career change that I am now experiencing. Our 'Knowing God' relationship is like natural relationships, we seek to have with friends or when we are courting (some say dating)....we try our best to talk to the person as much as possible, asking them questions, listening for their answers, going places together, doing the things they like because you want to please them, sometimes getting to know them is not all happy moments, we get mad at them, they get mad at us but we apologize (Just note God is never in the wrong, its always us) and we continue the relationship that never gets dull. No matter if we are up or down they are there with the right words , God knows what you are thinking , without you have to say it and He comes along with the right Words to encourage you, it may come as His spoken Word, quote , someone saying something to you, but He is always ready to comfort and encourage. Job's experience with God through his problems allowed him to say "My ears had heard of you but now my eyes have seen you" (Job 42:5). How are your experiences with God going? Drop a comment in the comment section.








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  • Sharon

    My experiences with God right now are some trying one. It is a journey that I will not want to travel ever again, but God knows everything best

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