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Our next step in our 'Knowing God' is complete obedience, yes I said complete not partial. Partial obedience is disobedience. God has called us to submit to His will and desires. He doesn't call us to understand Him or the instructions but He has called us to obey. When we obey Him we get to know Him by His different characteristics being on display (that's His Glory). When you are in a relationship with God we have said we are getting to know Him so we know that He is described as a Father, a King, a Good Shepherd ....and so all these titles are who God is. But for you to experience all His attributes that goes with His title you have to obey the instructions He gives, not partially but whole /complete. The first king of Israel Saul obeyed God partially and lost the kingdom God gave him (1 Samuel 12-15). Another disobedience is slow or delayed obedience. Even though God is in eternity He functions in times and season because of us (humans). We see in the Bible of Jonah 'Knowing God' but refused to act on God's instructions, Jonah went as far to say in Jonah 4:2 ....'I knew that you are a gracious and compassionate God, slow to to anger...'. Jonah had a relationship with God, but still failed to obey the instruction and we see what happened, it brought trouble to Jonah (read the book of Jonah). Let us practice 'On Time Obedience' so we can 'Know God'.

Do you usually obey God's instructions immediately, slow or partially? Let me know in the comment section.

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  • Sharon

    I am guilty of all three, sometimes immediately, sometimes slowly, sometimes partially, but I am working to be obedient immediately. Keep writing, God has some great plans for you.

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