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Hey readers, as we venture into this thankful month of November celebrating family and food which is great nothing wrong with that, but for me I am reflecting on giving thanks for my trials, tribulations and troubles, yesss I said it ....the 3T's in life we do not want near us or be apart of our journey but the Bible actually says to "give thanks in ALL circumstances' 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18(so find  a reason to). I am going to do exactly that, going through a particular trouble God is allowing me to face, I don't like it and the way it makes me feel but while reflecting, I thought about how I serve and worship a God who orchestrate these things to happen to me but yet  He can deliver and rescue me from it (Check out Job 42). What I am giving thanks for is how He is able to deliver and do the impossible, change the situations while He Himself is not being changed but staying faithful to His promises. I am grateful for how He prepares us for situations and comforts us in the situations and He blows your mind while doing all of this. God is AMAZING y'all. Just keep giving Him thanks throughout the troubles you face ( Oh give thanks to the Lord for He is Good, for His love endures forever', Psalms 107:1) and this will confuse the enemy and the blessings will be in our favor. KEEP CALM when the water rages and the fire blazes, don't let your emotions over rides the fruit of the Spirit because we serve a God that there is nothing that is impossible and too hard for Him.


Keep Calm Tee is available below in men and ladies.




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  • Sharon

    TRUSTING God as you go through your 5T’s -TRIAL, TRIBULATION, TROUBLE and TESTING. When you overcome then you can give your TESTIMONY .

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