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IT'S FINALLY HERE!!!  Thanksgiving weekend is finally here. Families, friends and the food, yeessss the food....whoooo lots of it. For me its the oxtail and ham, getting hungry just thinking about it. This Thanksgiving I will be cooking... I love to cook....its tiring buts its the final result in the end that matters.. kinda what Paul says "for our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all, 1 Corinthians 4:17-18. Seeing the colors and presentation and the taste and everyone going ohhhh (despite the process it went through, in the heat and oven)...yes that is the same feeling when we go through the 3T's (trials, tribulation and troubles). It's tiring but you keep going, don't stop believing and moving forward holding the faith and remembering to be thankful. We discussed in our last couple blogs 2 ways that help us. One is remembering our past circumstances, how He delivered us before and pulled us through. Two is remembering what He said, His promises and the third and final point that helps us in the midst of our 3T season is what is He saying now.  God has a lot to say to us in the midst of our trials, tribulations and troubles but are we listening . I believe God is always speaking in some way or another, either He's confirming something, encouraging us or comforting us. Jesus said "He and the Father are always working", John 5:17, so communicating with us is a part of working. This is what He means when He says "I will never leave you or forsake you",Deuteronomy 31:8 (that's Him staying in touch) So give Him thanks for what He is saying now. I will give you a short testimony and example. I am going through one of my 3T season, at first I was angry and disappointed at God, but what I did after was important, I began to look for Him...what is He saying to me now about this situation He is allowing me to face (Check out Job 42), God brings trouble upon us too. I begin to feel, read, hear and see His comfort and encouragement to the point where I am not worried about the situation, at all ( I do think about it but not worried) I left it in His hands. But then I began to feel worried that I am not heard right. Why weren't I crying , having sleepless nights, why? because I am giving God thanks for what He is taking me through, what He is saying to me and what He is trying to do through me. So the thought of not worrying about the situation began to run through my thoughts, Why Do I Feel Ok? Its so happened in church this past Sunday, my Pastor came over to me and said 'Its Ok to be Ok", I was like WHAT...(in my head guys)...God is too good. I'm just saying He's always popping up right on time with an on time word, an on time encouragement and an on time comfort. My final thoughts before I go and indulge in some good Caribbean food is 'Let Thanks & Giving be your Lifestyle. Give thanks always not just Thanksgiving Day but everyday.


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  • Sharon

    Give thanks in the good times and the bad times.
    Be thankful for whatever state you are in.

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