The Message Behind The Tee!



Happy Friday Royalties, I hope all went well with your Thanksgiving gathering, no turkeys were burnt and no secrets were let out at the dinner table...just saying lol...we will leave those for the movies. My Thanksgiving Dinner was awesome, created a restaurant scene for the girls, they had menus with different courses, wine glasses, the whole shebang. My daughter said it was the best Thanksgiving ever. Well I hope next year God's willing she will be saying the same thing, trying to please the princesses...on that note it seems as though we are living for ourselves and not God. It is sad to see people nowadays have no fear or respect for the Higher Power, including Believers, and this is why we continue to sin. God has called us to live a holy life, a life that is pleasing to Him. Just as how I try my best to please the girls and make them happy, we all can try to please Him, the ultimate giver of life through whom all blessings flow (2 Corinthians 13:14) and wrath is poured  out from (Romans1:18), yes He pours His wrath out when the stench of wickedness reaches His nostrils( Isaiah 65:5). Let us from today begin to seek  to please Him and we do that by living a holy life (Colossians 3) because a day is coming when that holy life of ours which is hidden in Him will be protected from the wrath of God (Proverbs 11:21).  Can you decide now to do all you can to please Him  in everything?


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