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Hello everyone, God is good all the know your line, hope you said it...yes all the time God is good. Many of us including myself have been looking forward to God doing some things, what He has promised and may be saying, well its the last month of the year maybe it won't happen this year. I will say to you, don't lose hope and keep the faith, "We Walk By Faith And Not By Sight", (2 Corinthians 5:7). There is a word in the Bible that  appears quite a few times, it is called 'Suddenly' or 'Immediately'. There is a story in the Bible in John 6 when Jesus was left behind to converse with The Father and His disciples went ahead in a boat, then after a while to catch up with them Jesus thought it was easier or faster to walk on water, He had to do the supernatural. He walked towards them and when they saw Him they became scared and frightened (they could not see clearly). But when He spoke 'It is I, don't be afraid (they recognized His voice). Here is the part I love, after Jesus introduced Himself to them (Satan won't do that, He is a thief) and then they were willing to take Him in the boat (they had a choice after they heard). And watch this...when He came in the boat immediately or suddenly they reached the shore where they were going. Jesus walking on water was not the only supernatural event that took place in the story, but after He came in the boat, supernaturally the boat reached the shore (changed location). Whatever the circumstances take it to Jesus, listen to what He is saying as He introduce Himself and welcome Him in it, people, there may be a suddenly and immediately waiting for you. So yes we are on the last month of the year, but hold on to His introduction in the situation and experience a suddenly/immediately. What we see (as the disciples saw Jesus as a ghost) puts fear in us but what we hear comforts us (Jesus's words-'It is I, don;t be afraid"),, the disciples took Him in the boat after recognizing His voice ('My sheep knows my voice, I know them and they follow me, John 10:27")... that is why "Faith comes by Hearing, and Hearing by the Word of Christ", Romans 10:17.



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  • Sharon

    In spite of our circumstances, can God trust us with the baton of “FAITH.”
    Keep the faith.

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