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We are almost there people, are you excited....I hope you are. I'm looking forward to being out with the ladies my girls on Christmas Eve, praying it doesn't snow. What are you doing for the Christmas weekend? Leave your responses in the comment section below. Well last week was a heated topic, a couple responses that had me in disbelief. Do we read the Word with an open mind, do we bring our own opinion to God's Word? Do we listen for God's view and TRUTH on scriptures, do we study to show ourselves approved? Well I hope you do. We will continue from last week with a couple more verses. To those who say Jesus is not God, let's see what the Father has to say about the Son's position in the Kingdom. Hebrews 1 :8 says "But about the Son He says 'Your Throne, O GOD, will last forever and ever, a scepter of justice will be the scepter of your Kingdom". Let us break it down...

1. The Father called Jesus 'GOD'

2. The Father mentions Jesus' Throne, Scepter and Kingdom.

So if the Father is calling Jesus GOD, what is your problem believing that He is again. In Philippians 2:5-11, please explains the Deity and human nature of God, that even though Jesus Himself was God in the flesh did not consider himself equal just so He could relate to man in human likeness. And because Jesus completed His purpose and assignment He was rewarded with exaltation, something that is only given to God. In verse 11 it says that every tongue will acknowledge that Jesus Christ is LORD".....ohhhhhh boy this is getting good. Please see my emphasis on the truth, 'JESUS CHRIST IS LORD...not my opinion but the Word. Psalms 100:3 proves Jesus is GOD, it says "Know that the LORD is GOD and it is He that has made us". Who is LORD? The Lord is Jesus and the Lord is God. I ain't dropping the mic this week, I'm just going to hold it and scream right here, you ready aaaahhhhhhh, thank you Jesus. I just love the Word because the Word destroys men's opinion and shed light on the truth.  I hope the Holy Spirit has helped anyone who had any doubts about who Jesus is, please remember this, its through the blood of Jesus that we overcome all trials, tribulations, test and troubles the enemy brings our way. If we deny His title and position that He holds, nothing will work for you and you will not overcome. Enjoy your Holidays. Remember IT IS ALL ABOUT CHRISTmas.


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  • Sharon

    Continue writing with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. He will lead you into all truth and when you know the truth, the truth will set you free. Amen 🙏🏽

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