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I think this week I am actually believing it's the spring season, it felt like it because of the temperature and the raining of cats and dogs....not my favorite type of of weather but still got to appreciate it. Do you know that the rainy weather in April bring beautiful colorful flowers in May... yes so going through the 'Turbulence' season will take us into the next season which is the 'Altitude" season. When a plane takes off, it begins to go through the thickness of the clouds that gives the turbulence, then to make it a comfy ride the pilot will begin to soar, going higher than the clouds until he reaches a specific altitude, where there is calm. During the 'Altitude' season we become stabilized, we have calm down and are ready to go through. This season is where we begin to seek God's intervention in the problem and situation, just remember God cannot communicate with us when we are one can communicate with a crying frantic upset person. In our previous season the "Turbulence" that's where we let it out and then in the "Altitude' season we get it together for communication with God, asking Him for His guidance and His truth into the matter. Remember a conversation is two ways, so not just talk to God but also listen for His instruction and His confirmation scriptures that he has the situation under His control (He gives specific scriptures). For Him to have the situation under His control, you have to let go of it. Most of the time God doesn't want us doing anything to help Him, so make sure to follow His instructions. I will give you an example aka story time. I was having a little trouble with setting up my t-shirt website. When the orders come through, it should get filled by the t-shirt company, unfortunately it was not doing that so I called the company and they told me my store settings was set to manual but it should be on automatic. He helped me changed it with one click. I went home that same day to receive a letter that contained some bad news which I was hoping God would have taken care of. In the letter they gave me an option to contest their decision with a trial.  I began to bawl(that's really crying) because I had ask God to let the decision worked out in my favor, but my thoughts and ways are not His,  they are much higher (Isaiah 55:8-9). I cried for two hours asking God why and what should I do (TURBULENCE SEASON). After that I calmed down and begin to pray my usual prayer(do not allow any problems or situation stop your routine time with God), giving Him thanks (having the right attitude of gratitude) for helping me in the day of fixing the store settings from manual to automatic and immediately the Holy Spirit said 'that is what I want you to do 'nothing' because its going to be automatic not manual". I was shocked I looked up the word automatic after praying and the definition was "working by itself, little or no direct HUMAN control'. I was blown away (He tends to do that). Let me tell you because of that simple instruction(always is), I obeyed and God worked out everything. In saying this, in this particular season your relationship with God must be deep and intimate because this is where He encourages, He comforts and He instructs. You must be sensitive to hear everything He says. So in the 'Altitude ' season STAY CALM & PRAY.

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  • Carla

    This is a wonderful and inspirational message.

  • Sharon

    Being aware of the Lord’s presence remind us He is always in control and work to accomplish His good purposes.

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