The Message Behind The Tee!



Welcome to another reading of 'The Message Behind The Tee', I hope you had a great week, I did...despite some ups and down moments but God is always Good and His Grace is sufficient for me and you. I have been getting a lot of scripture, quotes and videos on FAITH for the past few weeks so I know God is speaking in this season...whenever He is about to do something He tells us what He wants us to develop. My Pastor said our theme for the year is 'We Will Recover It All', my friends and I have been seeing the word 'Restoration' which actually means the same as recover. So I'm thinking if we are going to recover, we need to develop faith but as I said last week, the amount of faith or the size is just a pee wee. What we need is the WORD because "FAITH comes by hearing and hearing by the WORD of God", Romans 10:17. For me I always believe there is nothing impossible with God, He is able to do anything...He created the world, didn't He...ok then. When it comes to me personally for Him to do something, not that He can't but will He do it for me? Am I in His will? That's my problem...listening to a Pastor I realize it's the understanding of the WORD, what God says. Proverbs 4:7 all your getting, get UNDERSTANDING. We speak scriptures all the time but do we know when to apply it or how to apply it,  before we can do that we have to get understanding. When scriptures say to ask and it will be given, seek and you will find, knock and it will be open (Matthew 7:7), people its not just for materialistic things only, it applies to the spiritual things too, asking, seeking and knocking for wisdom and understanding too. The wisest king ever lived, King Solomon asked for wisdom from God and in his getting wisdom He became prosperous...he knew how to do business deals and solved everyday problems because of wisdom and understanding. Understanding will help us apply the faith we need to our mountain. Faith is not something we say, its not a religious word, it's a lifestyle in the Kingdom, FAITH is how we roll....well actually walk..."We walk by Faith and not by sight" 2 Corinthians 5:7.


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