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Happy Friday to you and your family. Let us be thankful for life, whether it be up or down. I listened to a song by Jermaine Edwards titled 'It's a Beautiful Day' part of the song says I thank you for joy, I thank you for pain'.....WHAT? PAIN?, a couple years ago I wouldn't understand what that means. Pain hurts, pain disappoints, pain makes us sad.... that's what our soul says, the emotional part of our body...but what does the spirit parts says "Consider it pure joy when you face trials of many kinds", James 1:2-4" Be joyful when things aren't going right ?. Totally different and opposite from the human mindset(soul). This is why we should feed the spirit and starve the flesh, doing this the spirit will overide the soul and fleshly part. The spirit will begin to have the soul display joy because that is what the Holy Spirit feed our spirit with. no one wants to go through pain or disappointment but hey we live in a fallen world, but remember we should not operate and function as the world does. When things go wrong the world says call your therapist, smoke some weed, drink some alcohol and it will soothe your pain. That is a lie, the pain is still there (after a few hours). What does God say "Give me, as a matter of fact He said, "throw all your cares and burdens to me and I will strengthen and support you physically, mentally and spiritually, He will never let our composure or confidence be upset or disturbed" Psalms 55:22 (Latannia's version but you can read the NIV version). Just imagine you have some one who is willing to take up your case free of charge. He will justify you and He will fight for you. No one can do that. He sees everything coming so nothing surprises Him, that's who you want on your side, someone to vindicate your case, you don't have to do anything but wait (unless He gives you instructions to move). Pain is part of a human journey, but God uses it to make us become as pure gold (check out Psalms 66:10-12), while satan uses it to destroy us (his mission is John 10:10). If you are a Believer in Christ, a Kingdom Citizen, my advice is to enjoy the ride.

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