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There are so many beautiful love songs out there in the secular world, sang by people who are singing them to others. When I listen to how deep they claim their love to be. I'm like nah... they meant to sing this for God but because they don't have a relationship with Him, they dedicate it to others. Saying this one song comes to mind by Air Supply 'I'm all out of love, I'm so lost without you", this one is a good gospel song we just don't know it yet. The world is definitely lost without accepting God's Love for us. Last week we mention what LOVE is, God's definition and googles. When I think about the scripture where it says 'God is Love' 1 John 4:8, He doesn't have it but that's WHO HE IS, meditating on this some time back I came to the conclusion that if I do not know God and do not have God I CANNOT LOVE....hmmmmm just think about it too.... God is Love and its through the Holy Spirit that the fruit LOVE is produce so God is telling me that without Him there is no love......oh man no wonder the world is crazy ( I mean the people in it) because many are living a life outside of God, don't know Him and refuse to accept Him. It got me thinking again (me and thinking), when a couple outside of Christ is married, no relationship with Him, they really don't love but just have feelings for each other.... (that is a hard pill to swallow). No wonder when you meet someone and through the process of getting to know them the first thing they say is ' I got feelings for you', lets testify people, its all coming back to me now, in the words of Celine Dion. I may be busting some bubbles but hey Holy Spirit got this pen. Some may not agree but that's how your eyes open when you spend time in the Word you begin to see things differently, your perspective changes. I have heard stories and news about people who kill each other in the name of love, but God's Word says when you love, you lay down your life for that person, John 15:13, He even says to love your enemies,  Matthew 5:44 but society says hate them and gt even (the Kingdom is upside down people). Since February 14 is 'Love Day', let me give you a scenario of what love truly is... God knew man (Adam) was going to fall in the garden but He had already put in place a plan for man to get back in relationship with Him because He loves us so much...He craves to redeemed us back to Himself. So He sent His Only Son to save us, not waiting for us to become perfect but while we were still sinners Jesus died for us, Romans 5:8. God left His Home , change His natural being (Spirit) came in flesh to bring Heaven's lifestyle to earth and suffer persecution, beaten and put to death (He lay down His life for us) so we could be called Children of God. God left His comfort to be ridicule just for me, for you, for us. If that is not LOVE. Every time tomorrow turns into today it's another chance to get in right relationship with Him, so we can continue to experience TRUE LOVE. Have you accepted the Greatest Love Of All that no one can truly gives that is found in John 3:16, if you are reading this you still have time.

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