The Message Behind The Tee!


So we talked a little about love, real love.... God's LOVE for the past two weeks. I hope you thought  about what was said, long, deep and hard, just to process it. Its basically spiritual common sense when you read the and and the Holy Spirit gives you revelation and insight, its called wisdom. Some will agree or even many will not, and that is why I like the Kingdom of God, It does care if you agree with the Word or not, whatever He says goes, accept it or not...His Word will never fade or change (Isaiah 40:8). As I said last week the Kingdom of God is upside down, yes people it is, everything is opposite to what culture and society says to do, and this is why it takes dedication and commitment to live for God because He says do not conform to the things of this world ( Romans 12:2 ) and we are not of this world(John 17:11-15) meaning it systems, the way it is operated ....leaving  God out. There is a big difference between being religious and operating in the Kingdom. Religion follows rituals and traditions, in the Kingdom we live by faith in Christ Jesus. There are principles or you can say legal rules that governs the Kingdom, sometimes they are called precepts (Psalms talk a lot about this). Think about it gave birth to a child or children, they are living in your home, you make provision and you protect them... right?, and I know you are saying at least they can do is obey the house rules, Well the Kingdom is much like that. You want blessings, protection, favor, mercy, don't forget rescuing when you find yourself in trouble, guys in the natural so in the spiritual. God is the Creator of everything including you, me, us.....don't you think He has guidelines for us to live by. Our life is not our own, we belong to Him ( Jeremiah 10:23 ). When society protests to have freedom, are they really free....secular music says, live your life or you were born free, but the Kingdom precepts says "Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life ( John 14:6 ) and without Him we can nothing (John 15:5  )... you can't even bear fruits. We were also born in sin meaning we are slaves to sin, in bondage (Romans 6:20), but we become free in Christ, whom the Son has set free, we are free indeed (John 8:36). I told you it was upside down. I aim to represent God's Kingdom...who are you representing?

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