The Message Behind The Tee!



Hello people, it's been a long time....yep two whole weeks...seems long to me when you are used to doing something you have been doing for a while. I have not written these past two weeks because I was put on pause, not by choice trust me, God ordained and when He speaks you do. Sometimes God does that especially when you are on a purpose journey and He gave you something to do and you are too busy not stewarding it well...well that is when He gets your full attention when He allows something to. It could be a detour or a disappointment, which they are both twins which means they walk together. God gives us resources to steward over, money, skills, talents, time, children, services, friends and family, but are we stewarding them well. We go through the days ups and downs but do we ever pause to say "Am I doing well with what God gave me?" "Am I responsible and faithful to it?" Go ahead, answer...see where you are with those things He has placed in your hands. For me I was not stewarding one particular vision He gave me and that is why I was put on pause. Not to harm me (although it feels hard and painful), but to prosper, to give me a hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11). Trust God's Plan for your life, you won't regret it.

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