The Message Behind The Tee


Hey, I hope everyone had a fantastic Easter holiday, culturally and spiritually. The main purpose of Easter is to reflect on what was done for us so we may accomplish what he has destine for us ....because of His resurrection we are able to have authority over the enemy, live like royalty and complete our assignment with the help and guidance of His Word and the Holy Spirit. To continue our discussion on the seasons of trials and tribulations, the season 'Altitude' is use to increase our faith in God because we can do nothing without Him, and faith is what propels what is in the invisible to come to the visible. The main key in increasing faith is focus, there are three (3) ways to do so in the 'Altitude ' season to give it a smooth bumpy ride...yes smooth and bumpy.

1. Focus on His Faithfulness- you can only do this if you know who God is and Faithful is what makes Him God. Has He ever steered you wrong? Has He ever not come through? Has He ever lied?... The answer to all is NO. Scriptures says His promises are YES and we say AMEN to them(2 Corinthians 1:20) and he does not change like shifting shadows(James 1:17)

2. Focus on God's Goodness-how to do this is by thanking Him for past experiences. God told the Israelites to never forget Him(Psalms 103:2-5 and throughout Deuteronomy) . This point is important because it helps you to be content. Deuteronomy 8 reminds us to remember Him. When you have a heart of remembering, you will have a heart of thanksgiving.

3. Last but not least, focus on His Word, why? Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God (Romans 10:17). His Word is Truth, there is no lie, so whatever He says to you in scriptures towards your situation, it will happen. The reason to do so is because satan will feed you lies and you need Truth to counteract his lies.

In the 'Altitude' season we need to trust God to build our Faith, So TRUST GOD & CHILL OUT.

Trust God & Chill Out Tee is available (Men & Ladies)

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