The Message Behind The Tee!



      Last week we talked about the enemy's (Satan of course) tactics to divide the Body of Christ, which he has been doing a good job but it's still not too late to come together and reclaim our rightful position.  You see from the beginning Satan craves for glory (we would call it attention), he craves to be like God . He wants worship, he wants praise (this is why he was put out of God's House-read Ezekiel 28 & Isaiah 14). He really doesn't care whether you go to heaven or hell, it profits him nothing , but he wants what God desires, the praises and worship of God's creation.  God has a Kingdom,  the Kingdom of Light and the enemy has the kingdom of darkness.  God calls him the prince of this world (John 12:31 & 14:30) and I know he sure likes that title very much. When a KING or prince has a kingdom,  just like God and Satan....their number one priority is to influence territories, to expand the territories and to claim territories.  Those territories will be become like that particular kingdom that has the most influence over it. I'm from Jamaica and in our history the Spanish kingdom claimed Jamaica,  but our country's name was Xaymaca and the language and culture  was of the Spaniards but then the British came , fought the Spaniards and won , then tadah we became Jamaica and the British influenced us with their culture, now we drink tea and wear suits like the British (in a hot climate).  So in the natural so it is in the spiritual,  the two kingdoms are about getting us to pick a side and becoming influential but it needs unity. One is good and one is evil, one cares about your soul the other seeks to destroy it. Which KINGDOM are you REPPING?

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