The Message Behind The Tee!



In a sport or game, picking a side is hard when don't know the outcome of who will be the winner. As Christians and Kingdom Citizens we know who will win this battle and war, its already a fixed fight....of course our Lord Jesus Christ has already WON. This is why we are told to make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19-20). You see, the Creator did not created us to be destroyed, He said hell was made for the devil and his goons (Matthew 25:41-46 )., so why would anyone wants to make that choice to go there. Well it is simple, God Himself says " I set before you, life and death, blessings and curses, (Deuteronomy 30:19), but He also encourages you what to choose. He continues to say "Choose Life", the abundant life here and now and for eternity. Please like and subscribe to our channel. I perceive life to be a hard one, whether you are saved or not, rich or poor, black or white. That's just life, we go through seasons of difficulties, troubles and circumstances, no one is exempt from that, no one. But living a life chosen by the Creator is a life that is worth the disappointments, worth the hardships because when we have gone through with Him, we will reap the benefits of it all, this is why the Bible says we will come forth as pure gold (Job 23:10), not have it or wear it, but be the gold, shining bright like a diamond. Our characteristics and personalities will be ready for where God is taking us, we will be ready to represent Him and His Kingdom and make disciples of others in our businesses, at our workplaces, at our schools, when we are out socializing. Why do you think He had you go through all of that?..... For you to look like Jesus of course, to impact and influence. God gave us the the layout plan what to expect when choosing either side, with him He directs our step (Proverbs 16:9 ), He rescues us from troubles (Psalms 34:4), He hides us from our enemies (Psalms 27:5), When we stumble, make a mistake, He catches us (Psalms 37:24) and cheer us on while running the race of life (Isaiah 41:10). The Creator knows you and what He wants for you. Trust Him by giving Him total control of your life, surrendering every part, body, spirit and soul. Hope in the Unseen and God will surely intervene.


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