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Do you ever wondered if you have enough faith? Enough faith to get those things you are hoping for, those dreams and visions,  the house , the career, good health,  the peace,  the joy, the relationship of marriage and friendship?.  Yes, we do need faith for all those things. God wants us to have it all as long as those things bring Him glory. But is it the amount of faith is the problem? or is it the action that should accompany the faith is the problem? or maybe we are putting our faith in the wrong person and thing.  God says "if we have faith as small as a mustard seed we will be able to do anything", (Matthew 17:20-21). Sometimes doubt will cloud our judgment of what we should be believing for. That is why in the bible Jesus would often say "why did you doubt?",  you can't believe something will happen and then on the other hand you are doubting that it may not happen, the Bible says don't think you will receive anything if you waver like that.  God usually makes a promise to us individually and collectively when He wants to do something or when He is going to do something.  Please like and subscribe to the channel to hear more videos like this.In Genesis 17, God made a promise to Abraham that through Isaac He will be a father of many nations but in a twist and turn of event, God ways of testing us, He ask Abraham to sacrifice Issac. Abraham was willing to do that which God asked him to do. Why?  In Hebrews 11:19, it says "Abraham reasoned that God is able to raise Isaac from the dead". Abraham used logic thinking to come to a conclusion that Isaac is needed for the promise to be fulfilled and even though God wants him to be sacrificed, God is able to bring Isaac back to life in order to fulfill the promise already given, so killing his son was no problem for Abraham, in the instruction given, Abraham obeyed and exercise faith. We are being tested everyday to prove that we trust God. We can learn from Abraham how to pass a test when God has already made a promise on our journey with Him. There are two things Abraham did and this will help you to exercise your faith....
1. Think back on the promises God gave you. You have to remember what God said to you. God cannot lie and He doesn't change (Numbers 23:19, Hebrews 6:18). So going through, and you can't figure out how things will come together,  just focus on the promise and He will do it.
2. Stepping into faith is reasoning what God can do. Abraham saw God as a Resurrector of the dead in his situation.  What do you see Him as in yours?, who He is to you?  a Provider, a Healer, a Sustainer, a Present Help in the time of troubles, a Friend, a Way maker and many more. You must be able to use good sense, logic thinking of who God is from your past experiences. Psalm 46:10 says Be still(stop complaining, relax) and know that I am God, the _____________,   you finish who He is in your situation  and circumstance. 

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