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I once heard someone say having peace is not that the circumstances are OK, but you are OK in the circumstances.  Picture a bird finding a resting place during a thunderstorm or that eagle using that treacherous wind and rain to go higher. That should be us right in the middle of our storms.  Most of the time we pray away the storms.  But do you ever think that these same storms become very useful to us later on. Storms are circumstances and situations that comes to slow us down or even stop us from reaching our destination. That place God has prepared for us here on earth, so we can influence others and expand the Kingdom of God. Many things occur when a storm is brewing..such as one, a storm is unexpected, out of nowhere,  you are are never prepared for one. Mark 4:37:says "Suddenly a furious storm came upon the lake. See the word 'suddenly', that's where we panic because we didn't see it coming.  Secondly a storm comes to do some damage, in the same verse it says the waves were coming over the sides and into the boat and it was almost full of water". If the storm overtakes this boat, it will sink with everyone on board.  A storm's intention is to hurt or even end your life. Thirdly, if we think our life is about to end in the storm we become scared and frightful. That's just what the disciples did because in verse 38 they found Jesus not only sleeping but sleeping on a pillow.  Jesus had made Himself comfortable, but while He was at peace His disciples were scared and they woke Him saying ' Don't you care about us?' We are going to drown.  Did Jesus not cared for them? Of course He did, maybe He was expecting them to be snoring too. But let's back up to verse 35, Jesus told them "Come with me across the lake '. So Jesus was expecting to reach the other side of the lake that is why He could have taken a pillow and go to sleep, no matter what came Jesus knew they were reaching the other side. What did Jesus wanted them to do during the storm? I believe He wanted them to remember what He said, that they were going to the other side and that they should take a pillow too, lay down and rest and let the storm takes its course. Lastly, storms come suddenly, comes to do some damage, comes to scare you and finally, storms do not last. They are usually over within minutes,  storms travel,  they past over until they fade away. Jesus in the story was awoken not by the effects of the storm but by His disciples. In verse 39 Jesus stood up and told the wind and water to be quiet and be still and it did. He turned to His disciples and said 'Why are you afraid? Do you still have no faith?. Jesus wanted them to experience the storm and despite the winds and water battering the boat, they were still going to reach the other side. What can you do during your storm?  Invite Jesus in your boat of circumstances, take a pillow, be strong, brave and rest because He's in control and ride out the storm. 

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