The Message Behind The Tee!



Many of you are in your waiting season, including me. No one likes to wait, it's something humans find annoying. But it's a word you find in the Bible that God calls us to do. Ever wondered why God never seems to be in a hurry? Lamentation 3:25 says the Lord is good to those who wait for Him, to the soul who seeks Him. Instead of running ahead of God and doing what you want to do, God wants us to wait on Him and He reward those who do. Waiting seems boring to us, but it is very beneficial. How do you wait on God? Psalm 37:7 says Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for Him. Well, that sums up how you should wait, being still before the Lord. Picture a child that should be waiting for something, but that child seems irritated and fidgety. You can can see the body language of that child, the sadness of the face, the tears running down. With God He wants us to be still, relaxing and resting in the wait. The other part says wait patiently for Him. There is a way God wants us to wait. Not like a crying child who is eager to get what they want. Waiting patiently means showing tolerance in delays, problems, circumstances and suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious. In reality that's hard to accomplish, but that is why we have our Helper, the Holy Spirit to help us in these moments of weakness. God does not want us to be anxious about anything but in everything, by prayer and petition with thanksgiving, present our request requests to Him (Philippians 4:6-7). Please like and subscribe to this channel to hear more inspiring videos like this. You see, God wants us to savor every moment with Him,  through the ups and downs, the good time and the bad time. God is always working whether we see it or not, He is. He is setting things up behind the scenes and in those moments of setting things up we have to wait patiently. I heard a preacher once said, patience is waiting beyond when we think God will come through. Its beyond those dates and time we give God, and if we continue then patience kicks in. What do we do during our waiting? We occupy ourselves with God. We consume ourselves in His Word. We worship and praise Him. We give Him thanks. We continue to do what He told us to do. We should try not to leave any room for the enemy to plant doubts and fears in our mind. When we become weary in waiting, He will give us strength to keep going (Isaiah 40:31). No one likes to wait and have patience, but its a characteristic and fruit of the Holy Spirit that God wants His children to have. God wants to do the heavy lifting for us. He wants to make those paths straight, but we have to learn to wait on Him. Remember He's omnipresence, He's everywhere and sees everything. He knows what is good for us and what is not. A crying hungry baby needs a bottle , but a loving and caring mother knows that if the bottle is not cool, the baby will get burn. So she continues to let the bottle cools even though the baby cries. Mother knows what is best so does our God. He knows the right time to give us what He has promised and He will give us if we wait patiently on Him. What happens during our waiting? We change. God uses our waiting period to change us. We begin to see things His way. We lean on His understanding rather than ours. We become better parents, friends and coworkers because waiting changes our heart. Our relationship with God deepens in the waiting. We learn to trust God. We become obedient to His will and way. We learn to surrender because there is nothing we can do on our own. So don't be in a hurry to reach that goal. Wait patiently on God's timing.



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