The Message Behind The Tee

Our last season 'Destination' in our trials and tribulation is the rewarding season. This is where we get our breakthrough of what we were waiting on God for. The first three (3) seasons 'Take off', 'Turbulence' and 'Altitude" prepares us spiritually (character) for the rewarding season. Our faith develops in those three (3) season,  we also learn to trust God and rely on His timing by being patient and having self control. What do we do in the 'Destination' season? We may have arrived and received the reward but is it for us only? When we arrive in our 'Destination' season we do the same thing when we enter the 'Take off' and 'Turbulence' season. We ask God questions,  who and how. You see God gives us these seasons in order for us to have a testimony, to be His witnesses. When we receive from God in our blessings and breakthrough we need to ask God, who can we bless and how can we be a blessing. We did not get or receive to keep but we receive to give. In simple terms, we are blessed to bless others, its a cycle. God wants us to enjoy our season but a part of that enjoyment is seeing others partake of the blessings. Luke 12:16-21 tells of a great story of a rich man who talked to himself because he had no one to talk to about plans of his own self gain , instead of sharing his wealth and blessings he kept it for himself (he was selfish). God said to him 'fool, tonight you will die'. Just as how you put God in the situation, put Him in the breakthrough. He is waiting to help you share your 'Destination' season. My pastor wrote a quote 'Don't give to get, give because you are God's gift". Remember to be a blessing to someone today. What are some ways you can be a blessing? Answer in the comment section.

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  • Sharon

    It’s always good to share your blessings with other, for God loves a cheerful giver. I can share by giving monetary, encouraging words, time, labor, support etc. Keep on giving and your reward will be great.

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