The Message Behind The Tee!



How many of you feel that God has let you down so many times, especially when you needed Him the most? Those times when you thought He would have changed the situation but it still remained the same.  You felt disappointed in God that He did not come through.  I have been there many times and know many prophets, apostles and great kings and even you have been there too. You see, we serve a Sovereign God, that knows what is best for us. He said in Isaiah 55:8-9,  His thoughts and ways are much higher than ours . He once told me He is God and knows what He is doing.  It is so funny that we want to tell God how to do things in our life. When He was creating the universe He did not need our opinion, help and advice. He asked this of Job, when Job taught God did not answer him when he wanted.  In Job 38:4 , God said, where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth? Tell me, if you know and have an understanding who determined the measurement of the earth, if you know? Or who stretched the measuring line on it ? None of us wasn't there, but God is saying  if I'm all powerful in creation,  don't you think I can handle your problems? We as humans like to be in control and have power over situations in our life. But if we could have, we would not need God. So God allows situations and problems to arise in this life to show us we are mere beings that need Him and we can not do anything without Him. God will allow our problems to get worse as the days and weeks and sometimes months and years go by. He is teaching us that we need dependency on Him. We are not built to handle worries and anxiety because He told us what to do with them when they do come. Psalms 55: 22 says, Cast all your cares, worries, anxiety troubles problems on me and I will sustain you. God knows the right timing for everything in our life. He knows when, how and where. He is producing some things in us through the Holy Spirit, He is tearing down and building up. We may not not see it but He is perfecting us to be greater. He has prepared the place, the destiny already. He is making sure we are ready for where He is taking us. We never walk on a straight line with God. There are some detours because of obstacles in the way. One moment we are going from point A to point B then to point K just to go back to point C. That's our God, full of surprises and humor too. We call these moments disappointments. But are they really disappointments? We thought He was going to do it at a specific time and date and a certain way and when He doesn't, we say God has let us down.  God has never given me specific dates with my promises,  He is always saying wait patiently on Him. God already knows the way and path He wants us to take. All He needs from us is obedience and trust that He is able to take us to our destiny.  What to do when we feel disappointed? Go into prayer, let God knows how you are feeling.  The enemy will use these times to make you feel worse, he will lie to you that God does not care. That's not true. Resist him by submitting to God even more. Go into His Word for encouragement and listen to what He is saying.  God is a God of comfort.  I love God's encouragement  during those down moments.  Those songs, verses and quotes comes at the right time. Do like David, encourage yourself in the Lord and the joy of the Lord will be your strength to go through it, Nehemiah 8:10.  As Paul says ' His grace is sufficient for me' 2 Corinthians 12:9. I pray that God will strengthen you as He deals with all disappointments and let downs in your life. I pray that He will keep you during your moments and you will rise above every situation that comes your way. And remember God loves you intentionally and purposefully. 
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