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Our God is a God of potential, He is full of it, that is why He is called Omnipotent. God has things in Him that He wants His children to have, the skills, the talents, the gifts. They are buried deep within us ready to be pulled out. If we look at creation as Psalms 19:1  says, "the heavens declare the glory of God and its firmament shows His handiwork".  When we look all around us, we see how creative and innovative our God is, how vast and powerful His hand prints are in our world, it allows us to see who we worship. Jesus' disciples asked "what manner of man is this, even the winds obey Him", when they witness Him calming the storm. He has given us the same ability to function in the same capacity, to release our potential and fulfill our purpose in the world. The mind of  God is amazing and so powerful that we share having the mind of Christ. We are able to believe great things, the impossible becomes possible. Jesus understood this principle when He said "nothing is impossible to those who believe", (Mark 9:23). To believe is a decision and choice, you have to decide to believe what God said about the situation or dream, that they will come to pass. God always finishes what He starts. Joseph had dreams of being great and despite being thrown in a pit, became a slave and went to prison, Joseph still choose to believe and this is why God was always with him and he was successful at everything he did. Joseph believed his dreams were still possible because he saw the favor of God upon his life through the dark moments. In the beginning was darkness but God knew light was possible , He believed and spoke it and it came to be. We all have plans and dreams that are still within us that have not been birthed yet. It is still possible. We often times say we are waiting on God but God is actually waiting on us. He has given us those images in our mind and we have not taken them out and put them on paper. Habakkuk 2:2 reads, "write the vision down and make it plain and an herald will run with it". The world calls it a business plan, where the plans of a prospective business are laid out by different categories and sections. It is the images in our mind laid out on paper and tells us how we will be going about it. In the secular world they do what they think is best. But with God, He directs our every move and steps, each one is guided by Him. When the plans are written down our angels will run with the it, in order to provide us with the resources needed to help us make those dreams and visions a reality. We were created in His image and likeness (Genesis 1:26), He expects us to pour out what He has poured in. We may not see the physical finances needed or the location of what God has given, we may not know how it is going to happen, but remember this, "No eyes have seen, no ears have heard, no mind has conceive what God has in store for us, because He is able to do the abundantly more than we can ever think, ask or imagine. So lay the plans down,  commit it to Him, trust Him and He will direct your path. I pray that every dreams that God has laid on your heart will come into full manifestation. That what you are believing God to do will come into full effect. That those ministries and businesses will make an impact in our world for the Kingdom of God and that all glory and honor will go to the King. Please like and subscribe to this channel and share it with someone that they too may be encourage. Thanks for watching and remember God loves you purposefully and intentionally.

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