The Message Behind The Tee



Hey Kingdomites, I pray you were blessed for the last few weeks on the four (4) different seasons we go through in trials and tribulation. Even though I wrote it with the help of the Holy Spirit of course I too was blessed. I felt like pastors who preached the Word and they are surprised or touched by what they themselves say. That is how you know it is not self but God. Happy belated Mother's Day to all the wonderful mothers out there that are trying to keep it together, although sometimes it's hard...yep definitely hard but we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength (Philippians 4:13). I myself sometimes see what my own mother went through with my siblings and I, the attitude, the stubbornness, the rebellious spirit, the selfish ways and so on. But let us not give up on these dear children, God never gave up on us since the creation and we are still stubborn as a mule. My pastor gave us a scripture in church that stuck with me, it's from Isaiah 66:13 but he simply broke it down by saying, 'Even though God is a Father, He has a mother's heart". It melted my heart knowing that God can portray a mother and a father's attributes toward His children. I have two little girls, one biologically mine and the other is not. They do drive me nuts sometimes...nope most of the time but I still do love them and hope the best for them as they grow. As long as we use Kingdom Principles in the home  with them they will always remember the words of  dear mama.



  • Judy Palmer

    Shout out to my dear sister Biological and spiritual I am so proud of you , very powerful and positive words keep up the good work in Jesus name our soon and coming 🤴..

  • Leisha Livingston


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