The Message Behind The Tee



Well here we are another time, giving God thanks and praise for bringing us through another week. A week that has so many bad news and information either on the television or through social media, yet there is LIGHT among the darkness. When God created the world he called forth light out of darkness (Genesis 1:1-4). This is to say there is light somewhere. Human life is being impacted and influenced by those around us, that is why being a part of a community is very important. Community is a group of people that knows you and have a positive or negative impact on how you make decisions and live your life. Most of us call these group of people FRIENDS. Friends are there with you through thick and thin, ups and downs, and the good and bad, but in the end they are friends. God calls us to have friends, in fact He calls us friends (John 15:14-15) and while He walked this earth He was God in flesh yet still He had twelve (12) bros that He rolled with. Friends are very essential to have because no one can go through this life alone, I sure can't. I heard people say "All I need is Jesus', well if the Father had said that we would not have Jesus and the Holy Spirit to help and guide us. God gives us godly communities to help us on our journey to destiny. They are the ones we are accountable to, they check us when we need checking, they are there through our trial and tribulation seasons and they are there when we are celebrating our victories and blessings. How do you know if we have godly community, and I say godly because there are different types of community and the purpose they serve... lets discuss next week.


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