The Message Behind The Tees

Hey Kingdom Seekers,  hope all is well with you and you are living the best life possible that God has purposed you to do. For the last two weeks we discuss the Word which is the manual to instruct us and gives us the foundation and the Holy Spirit who guides us with the Word and gives us specifications, how to make life's decision. Please note that the Holy Spirit will never contradict the Word. Jesus is call the Word so the Holy Spirit only speaks what the Word says, just as when Jesus was here on earth He says "I speak only what I hear my Father speak" (John 12:49, John 5:19). Jesus also said that the Holy Spirit will not speak on His own, He will speak only what He hears (John 16:13). So we see that they work as ONE (hint hint ONE GOD), this is how the Kingdom Communication System works, we read the Word and Holy Spirit confirms what it means and show us how to apply it to our daily life. One more thing we also PRAY the Word. What does that mean..... when we are talking to God (that's prayer) we say His Word back to Him...just reminding Him of what He says and promised. He's  not forgetful...not at all but He wants to hear you say it. Then when you say it to Him and believe, it goes and do what it says will be done (Isaiah 55:11). We may not understand everything we read but if we continue to seek His guidance,  the Holy Spirit will always be there to give you wisdom and understanding if you ask (James 1:5).

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  • Sharon

    Keep reading the manual (Bible) it his our instructions to life.

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