The Message Behind The Tees

Yes another Friday in the land of the living.... who but God, He has allowed us another day, another week to experience His grace. mercy and love..... Well speaking of LOVE, in a few days the world will be celebrating that one characteristic of human nature that is expressed in different ways, because of diverse culture, race, social background and religion. Everyone has their own definition of love....but as I always say "what does the Manual (The Bible) say about LOVE. First and foremost who is the inventor of it...yes who invented love? John 4:8 in the latter say "....God is Love". God does not have love, He is love. If we could see God walking towards us we can say "Here comes Love". He is the inventor of it and that is Who He is. That's His title and nature. There are many more scriptures that talks about the love of God. Now we know who invented it, how can we recognized it because this is where a lot of us get deceive on how to know love. 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 describes and gives the definition of LOVE, it says "Love is PATIENT, Love is KIND, it does NOT ENVY, it does NOT BOAST, it is NOT PROUD (It is HUMBLE), it does NOT DISHONOR (it HONORS), it is NOT SELF SEEKING, it is NOT easily ANGERED (it is SELF CONTROL), it keeps NO record of WRONGS (it FORGIVES), Love does NOT delight in EVIL but rejoices in TRUTH. It always PROTECT, always TRUST, always HOPE, always PERSEVERES. Love NEVER FAILS. Just WOW...that was not the dictionary or googles' definition but God's. I got this revelation once while studying the Fruit of the Spirit and LOVE is one of them. When i read this scripture I realized that God's definition of love had the remaining fruit (attributes). Instead of trying to remember to be kind, or patient, or self controlled, or having joy or being humble....just focus on one, LOVE...its that easy. Work hard at loving God first and the Holy Spirit will show you how to love yourself and others... and so automatically the other characteristics will follow. To recognize LOVE you have to realize the rest of the characteristics that goes with it....please note LOVE is an action word. Love gives and keeps on giving, that is why God so love the world (the entire creation) that He GAVE His One and Only Son Jesus Christ to take our place by dying on a cross (John 3:16) even though we were not thinking of Him and were still living in sin (Romans 5:8).. As we celebrate Love in a few days let us reflect on God's definition of love and how He wants us to love each other, whether its friendly love, a marriage love, a parent and child love or even an enemy love...oh yes He said we should love our enemies too. It is all the same LOVE. When you say you love someone make sure you are expressing kindness, patience, self control, humility, joy, perseverance, peace and faithfulness and when someone says they love you, make sure you are recognizing the same. God Bless and enjoy the greatest LOVE of all, Jesus Christ.

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  • Sharon

    Great message… Let us Love as God Love us and not like man who love you one minute and in the next minute they hates you.

  • Williams

    Yes God’s True love and not the televised love that we see or hear on the TV.🙏🏾😘

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