The Message Behind The Tees

I was reading a devotional the other day about worship and it got me thinking... we have a misconception of what is really true worship. What is WORSHIP -'WORTH SHIP'- putting worth on someone or something. Worship begins with a KNOWING. You cannot worship unless you have the right MINDSET of who you are worshiping, why are you worshiping and what is going to happen when you worship. People worship many things and people. A person can worship their favorite celebrity...they try to know everything about that celebrity so they become a follower .....sounds familiar? Jesus had many followers in His days. They seek to know that person's likes and dislikes, their fashion trend, what is happening with them each day. They will go as far as trying to meet them...going to their movie premiere or their concert singing their favorite songs, lifting their hands. Some may be their favorite sports team, they deck out in the team colors, is at every game...rain or shine...cold or hot cheering and shouting for their team. Yep there goes worship. People put all their time and energy for these people that do not even know they exist. So why is it hard for believers of Jesus to worship? Do you seek to know Him, find out what He is saying each day or what He plans to do in your life, His likes and dislikes, what pleases Him, do you seek to become His follower so you may model His behavior. Do we use the parts of our body to please Him?.... I hope you answer those questions asked. My definition of worship is seeking to know who God is, what He is about, what pleases Him, following Him, remembering my experiences with Him. It starts from how we view God in our mind. You cannot worship someone you do not know. Whoever you worship is first in your life and whoever is first in your life you worship.

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  • Leisha Livingston

    “Whoever is first in your life is who
    you worship " great statement.

  • Sharon

    Yes !!! … Our top priority is to seek and worship our King of Kings and Lord of Lords..

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