The Message Behind The Tees

I have been hearing this quote in many different ways "Your thoughts become your actions'.. but did you know thats Bible. Proverbs 23:7 tells us that 'As a man thinks in his heart(mind) so is he(your actions portrays who you are)'. What you are thinking about God and who He is to you triggers how you act towards Him. If you hold Him high, acknowledge Him in every area of your life, you are going to fear Him and revere him (Praise Worship), you are going to communicate with Him each day to find things out (Prayer Worship), you are going to please Him(Obedience Worship), you are going to commend Him on things He has done and about to do(Thanksgiving Worship), you are going to want to be like Him(Follower Worship) and last but not least you are going fulfill His purpose for your life(Total Worship). Your everyday actions that pleases Him is an act of worship. You are not living to please yourself (the flesh) but to please Him (The Spirit). The way you greet people in the morning or talk to that janitor at your job says a lot about who you are and who is leading you. The waiter that serves you and messed up your order, your response to them says a lot about you and who is leading you. A singer says in a song I love 'Your response determines the outcome of your day'. Next week we will discuss what happens when we worship, yep... there are benefits to worship. Let me know what your thought are in the comment section. Thanks for reading.

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  • Bisola Neil

    Thank you for the reminder :-) Yesterday, I took a short ride in the bus and my little one and she says “Hi, bus!” To everyone and no one responded and I thought how many people are coming from Church? Love your neighbor is in our small actions and interactions – joy, peace and love are fruits of the Spirit and a little child shall lead them. This is a great reminder that our thoughts of love translate into our actions and our actions draw (or repels) people to Christ so the next time a child says Hi! Let’s say’s it back and have the heart of a child and say it to one another because as we are reminded it says a lot about who we are and who is leading us.

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