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Sometimes God calls us to a task or an assignment and it feels like you are unable to do it because you don't know the next step, because you don't see how it can be done, or you don't know the next step, because God didn't give you the entire instruction or plan of what He wants you to do. So you worry and fret because you don't know how to. Many reasons will run through your mind why it cannot be done, but those thoughts are from the enemy. Know this about God, He has our entire future planned out already, Isaiah 46:10 says "He knows the end from the beginning". He completes what we are supposed to walk into, then He placed us at the beginning waiting for us to submit to Him and give Him full control of the ways we are to take (Psalms 25:12). A great example in the Bible is Abraham, when God instructed him to pack up all his belongings and move to another country, leaving behind his family (Genesis 12). God did not tell Abraham where he was going, but Abraham had faith in God and he obeyed (works). We as humans like to know the whole details of what we are to do, but God doesn't function like us. There is a particular path God wants to get us on, a path that He has chosen that leads to our destiny. The  only way to that destiny is with Him. He said in John 14:6  "I am the Way, the Truth and The Life". We would preferred  to see every step before we take it, but unfortunately He does not show us each step and He does not give full details. He requires us to walk by faith and not by sight and we do this by leaping even when you don't see the next step. This is why we should know the voice of God. We have different voices in our heads and we should know the one we will adhere to. We have our own opinion, the devil's lies and God's truth as thoughts.  It is very imperative we learn the voice of God. God speaks but He speaks on one number volume, He is not going up or and He is not going down. Prayer, fasting and seeking Him more will help to get us one step closer to hearing Him clearer. Whatever takes place in our lives is due to actions, the decision that we make on daily basis. We should seek to make decisions according to the instructions given by God, through His Word, confirming through others, through thoughts given by God and even Him speaking audibly. God gives us directions by giving us instructions to obey, then through the obedience things begin to move. when you are not sure, go to Him in prayer and He will answer you. It is not your job to figure out how things will be done or how to finance the task, it is our job to listen to His voice, His instructions and get the step completed.. God will never allow you to feel overwhelmed with tasks or assignments given. He knows what you can handle at each step. He will send you all the help and resources you need at the right time. The world tells us to hustle and grind, but He gave us the Holy Spirit to guide us in every aspects of our lives. The Holy Spirit is our best guide and teacher because He is Omnipresence and Omnipotent. Why not trust the One who is everywhere at the same time, knows the past, present and future and is also full of potential. He is able to pour in us those abilities that is needed for the path. I pray that you will seek God more each day for His guidance. I pray that you will move closer to Him in Spirit so that you will hear His voice clearly and that you will have a heart of obedience to do His will in Jesus' Name, Amen. Thanks for watching The Message Behind The Tee, please like, share and subscribe to this channel to watch more videos like this. Remember God loves you purposefully and intentionally.


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